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              Wade Year in Review: 2022-2023 

It has been a wild school year. So much stuff is happening, and fun events have come through.  

We are really excited for summer, I’m sure. But let us go back in time and look at the stuff we did this year. The first day of school was fun, wasn’t it? You meet your friends again, new and old. And you also get cool new teachers! You get to do first day of school activities, and everything is fun. Now let us skip to the 1st quarter celebration. We got ice cream, and extra recess, on Halloween too! Speaking of Halloween, we got to dress up as our favorite book character and bring that book to school. Now, one of everyone’s least favorite event of the first quarter: I Ready. I Ready is a test to show what you know and what you do not know. You will take it in the fall and somewhere near end of spring, but we only took the one in fall. I am SURE that nobody is looking forward to that. But, anyways, we will put that aside for later. Let us get to the interesting stuff, like Booster-Thon! Sure, you have not heard that in a while. Two people came and visited our school and we watched videos of different parks and learned words about positivity, such as perseverance and courage. And a park we learned about was Yosemite, which is basically the only things I remember since it was long ago. Then, when all that was done, we did a fun-run for 35 laps! I am not complaining though, it WAS fun! Anyways, lets skip to the most wonderful time of the year, shall we? Christmas, the time everyone (or not) loves! This school year for Christmas we had a sing along with our favorite Christmas songs in the gymnasium. Then, some classes watched funny Christmas movies, such as the Grinch! Then we left school, for Christmas break, but we then return to a new year. When we get back, we all do our “Happy new year’s” greetings and get back to work. But the fun hasn’t ended there! Our Quarter 2 celebration was on January 31st, and we celebrated by watching a fun mini movie with hot cocoa, apple cider and blankets. 

Fun is in the air with our next event, Valentine’s day. I’m pretty sure most classes did different things, but who knows? Maybe you sat around and did work all day. Or you passed out sweet treats and cards to your friends, like my class. But that’s STILL not the end of this year’s events. On February 22nd, we celebrated people’s cultures with international night. Which is one of the things I’ve wrote about this school year! People with different nationalities set up stands set up with clothing they wear, information and yummy food! Now, for our quarter 3 celebration, we played a fun game of kickball and enjoyed a sweet treat, which was a freeze pop. I’m pretty sure most people played kick ball, but I just sat on the bleachers cheering them on. Pretty fun for me. Now another event from the 3rd quarter was read across America. I’m pretty sure not everyone did the same thing, but my class combined with Mrs. Hott’s class and read books with the first graders. When that was finished, Mrs. Hott gave us some “s’mores”, which was tiny marshmallows, golden grahams and chocolate chips in a bag. Yum, tastes like school spirit! Anyways, on to my FAVORITE, 4th quarter. Yup, were here folks. School ends in 15 days and the 4th quarter celebration is in a week. We haven’t even done field day yet! But, to make things better we still have more events. I’m pretty sure everyone remembers the Go-Green assembly, right?  Well, credits to Ms. James son for making the go green song and credits to Ms. Stern for making that terribly embarrassing Go-Green YouTube video. Another thing is the visit from Nanjemoy animal center for teaching us about animal habitats, and types. We looked at a snake, and the most adorable owl! We also saw a model of a fox, which was cool as well. Now, I would like to write about a field trip the 4th grade went on, which was a baseball game for the blue crabs. We had chaperones take students in different groups and people had money to get food from the concession stand or items from the gift shop. The Blue Crabs won too, and it was just a fun trip overall! One last thing, MCAP. 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders took this test a few weeks ago for reading and math. Everyone in Maryland took this test, and it is scary. But the 2nd grade crew decorated the hall Mario themed and they gave us treats and trinkets for us after we finished our tests. But this article is now over, and I hope you enjoyed the recap of our very fun year. Goodbye! 

                                                     By: Taryn


The Quarter Four PBIS Celebration

          The quarter 4 PBIS celebration was great! Everyone drew with chalk and ate popsicles and played on the playground. It was a great PBIS celebration, and we also got to hula-hoop. A reason I liked chalk is because I got to do tic-tac-toe. Everyone loved it so MUCH. This was such a great way to celebrate great behavior! I hope we have the same sort of celebration next year!

                              By: Siena


Opinion: Indoor Recess vs Outdoor Recess  

I have been to outdoor recess and indoor recess, but I think one is better before I tell you here are some pros and cons about indoor and outdoor recess. Indoor cons: You don’t get vitamin D from the sun and when people pass by, they can be loud even though you are in a library. Indoor pros: You can play games on your computer like blooket and other games. And we can help, and it is fun not boring help. And they make you line up to go inside and they say who is first but inside you are always first. Outdoor cons: I get hot to the point where my stomach hurts. And people will push you for no reason say sorry then keep running. And there are germs everywhere on the playground. Outdoor pros: You can run and play games that require running or walking. Finally, the best recess I think is indoor recess (in my opinion) I don’t know why but I just like it better than going outside for recess. 

                    By: Michele  


Wade Elementary Talent Show 

   The talent show of 2023 at Wade Elementary School gathers all students to sign up and have fun. The talent show helps students express their talents and love themselves for what they do. All the students support one other and make the best out of it and talk to their friends and have fun. 

                             By: Presley 


Allright so NHL playoffs. I have never watched hockey before so here we go. I have watched three games, so I am going to give you some hot takes. First game Hurricanes vs Islanders. Alright I'm goanna be honest; the Islanders are hot garbage the Hurricanes played with them. Game number two, Oilers vs Golden Knights;  The first 20 minutes there was the opening was fancy and that’s how the golden knights won this game and that’s why they might win the series. Now I couldn't do the other one because it was boring. So, if you haven't watch hockey, you should watch.

Creative Corner: Artwork By Emma

Abstract Surface

      I'm excited to go to Davis. I have never been a big school before. I can't wait to see Miss Nesbit, she works there. 

                                By: Monti

Pink Sugar


Thoughts on Sixth Grade




My first thought was how am I going to leave wade I've been here so long and now the first thing that comes to mind is I’m excited for a new adventure  and to get to see a new place  and I guess it is still a little weird  that  ill be leaving but it’s a new chapter to my story and on the upside I get to meet new people  and I get to learn  new things and see new places and I'm so happy to go because I get new teachers and a new environment but over all I'm actually very excited so my question now for the fifth graders is what are you options on sixth grade?                                            



All About The 4-3 Grade Kickball Game 


    The game was fun. At some point my class, Mrs. Brock was in the lead. A good game was going on. I believe that Mrs. Purkey's class won. And we just ate the popsicles on the bleachers.

      Now the third-grade kickball!!! The game was fun. I think Mrs, Short's class won. I hope you enjoyed the game thank you for reading!!! 

                                                                               By: Michèle and Emma  

Meet The Newspaper Club


Ryan is a 5th grader. She is a girl scout and likes to read.


Makenzie is a 5th grader. Her favorite this is drawing and she also loves Poke'mon.


Monti is a 5th grader.

He likes to play basketball

and eat doughnuts.


Lance is a 5th grader. He loves sports and Minecraft.

Emma is in 3rd grade. She

likes to dance. 


 Siena is in third grade. She does gymnastics,  plays the drums and is A Girl Scout. She loves  school, writing and reading! 

Michele is a 4th grader.  She likes animals and math. 

Taryn is a 4th grader. She likes to eat pancakes. Her favorite shows are Adventure Time and Teen Titans. She also likes drawing.

Presley is a 4th grader.

She is a member

of the Go Green Team.

She likes to play

soccer and likes to play

with her brothers. 

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